After a lifetime in the coffee industry, the team behind Smith still has an enduring passion for going into work each morning, switching on the roaster and crafting superb coffee. The result is something special – a product greater than the sum of its parts – and one we know you’ll love.

We believe in today’s world, community is more important than ever – the places we go, those we spend our time with, and the moments we share. Whether it’s your neighbourhood, cycling group, book club or the weekend ritual of brunch with mates, these things all enrich our lives. As does a good-quality cup of coffee.

If, like Smith, you consider a great coffee a daily necessity you’ll appreciate the care that goes into every packet of Smith.


It’s not only about achieving a great result but how we get there

At Smith we care about where our coffee comes from. From the tree to the cup, Smith strives (in its small way) to make a big difference, through our sustainable practices.

We strive to be environmentally and people friendly, by sourcing only the best, ethically-traded coffee beans, be it from Rainforest Alliance, fair trade, relationship coffees or other certified agencies, so you can enjoy your cup guilt free. This allows us the freedom to roast the best blends whilst being socially responsible.

We hope to make our communities and our world a little bit better while serving up great coffee along the way.

The Usual

This is the coffee we just keep coming back to. Our Usual is full-bodied, rich and creamy with chocolate and caramel flavours, plus a hint of floral.

Bring Smith to work

Delivering great coffee to your workplace

Good coffee doesn’t only belong in cafes. Regardless of whether you work in a corporate office, gym, dental surgery, or on a building site, Smith can meet your needs and supply you with everything you need to make the perfect cup of coffee. We’ll deliver direct to your workplace and can even provide training to show you how to get the best out of your equipment and make a brew you’ll be proud of.

Drop us a line at and let’s get brewing.


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